Review: Grace-Attalie – Introspection (EP)

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Our first review is of a 3-track debut EP by an artist called Grace-Attalie. The album is called Introspection (EP).

The album starts off with some beautifully laced female vocal harmonies singing in a capella that instanly captures your attention in the track, Lion. Grace-Attalie kicks off her verse in what seems to be her signature shaky European-sounding voice in this African-inspired, electronic beat. The song is laced with some great harmonies and the music has a great rhythm, though the drums could sound a little more powerful in the mix. Overall, a great start to the EP.

The second track, Rock Climbing, is in contrast a country-style rock track, almost Shania Twain-ish. Grace-Attalie again delivers some great harmonies and gives a great vocal performance, on a basic and simple rock rhythm that could have a stronger drum track.

Introversion is the final song on the album, and begins with some bass synths and a digital guitar sound that’s commonly associated with default preset instruments within the FL Studio music workstation. The instrument choices tend to give this song a “demo” type of feel, though Grace-Attalie once again delivers a solid vocal performance and some of her smooth harmonies.

This is an EP with 3 very different sounding tracks, and doesn’t feel like one cohesive album. It feels more like a demo album, displaying Grace-Attalie’s versatility in the styles she is experimenting with. It sounds like Grace-Attalie is still finding her way musically and this album definitely displays some of her vocal abilities, but generally, the songs seem under-produced, leaving me wanting more. The writing is pretty good, but the songs seem to lack a memorable hook and the strength to match Grace-Attalie’s powerful vocals.

Altogether, this is a solid debut project and I’m excited to see what Grace-Attalie’s signature sound will become and what direction she’ll take in her upcoming releases.

VOCALS – 4/5

MUSIC – 2/5


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