The Canadian Standard way!

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So where have we been, you ask?
Well, we’ve been busy building and developing the brand and marketing materials for a cool startup business in Toronto, Canada called Canadian Standard Home Services (

This startup company focuses on helping homeowners reduce their home’s carbon footprint while providing innovative solutions for their home while reducing costs. Not bad, huh?

Take a look at just some of the things we’ve been busy creating for them!




Thought we disappeared?

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No we haven’t disappeared! It’s just been craaaaazy busy!
New clients, lots of new projects, and so little time!

Here, take a look at the website we’re currently developing for a Toronto-based start up company…

Canadian Standard Home Services Website

We also recently created a beautiful greeting card design for a local Yoga & Wellness Centre to be used for their direct mailing campaigns. What do you think?


Interested in getting a website, or developing a direct mailing campaign for your customers? Don’t hesitate to let us know so we can ensure it’s of the best quality.

Designing for a good cause.

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Check out this banner we designed for the Annual Boys & Girls Club Basketball Tournament that went down this past weekend! Hanging around all these kids having fun really brought me back to my younger days!


Munchies, anyone?

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What have we been up to, you ask?
Aside from helping our friends at the recent Can I Live? event with their flyers and online media, we just finished designing some labels for something really cool…. Medical marijuana edibles by!
Check it out! Pretty legit eh? We just submitted them for print and we’re so excited to see how they all turn out!


Review: Grace-Attalie – Introspection (EP)

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Our first review is of a 3-track debut EP by an artist called Grace-Attalie. The album is called Introspection (EP).

The album starts off with some beautifully laced female vocal harmonies singing in a capella that instanly captures your attention in the track, Lion. Grace-Attalie kicks off her verse in what seems to be her signature shaky European-sounding voice in this African-inspired, electronic beat. The song is laced with some great harmonies and the music has a great rhythm, though the drums could sound a little more powerful in the mix. Overall, a great start to the EP.

The second track, Rock Climbing, is in contrast a country-style rock track, almost Shania Twain-ish. Grace-Attalie again delivers some great harmonies and gives a great vocal performance, on a basic and simple rock rhythm that could have a stronger drum track.

Introversion is the final song on the album, and begins with some bass synths and a digital guitar sound that’s commonly associated with default preset instruments within the FL Studio music workstation. The instrument choices tend to give this song a “demo” type of feel, though Grace-Attalie once again delivers a solid vocal performance and some of her smooth harmonies.

This is an EP with 3 very different sounding tracks, and doesn’t feel like one cohesive album. It feels more like a demo album, displaying Grace-Attalie’s versatility in the styles she is experimenting with. It sounds like Grace-Attalie is still finding her way musically and this album definitely displays some of her vocal abilities, but generally, the songs seem under-produced, leaving me wanting more. The writing is pretty good, but the songs seem to lack a memorable hook and the strength to match Grace-Attalie’s powerful vocals.

Altogether, this is a solid debut project and I’m excited to see what Grace-Attalie’s signature sound will become and what direction she’ll take in her upcoming releases.

VOCALS – 4/5

MUSIC – 2/5


Listen to the album here:

Reviewed by SpitShine

Submit your music for review!

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Hey everyone!
We’re happy to announce that we’ll be offering free music reviews and publishing them on our site for the world to see! So if you have an album or a mixtape, and would like it to be reviewed by our music experts and published on then please submit your music here!


Back on the MPC!

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With all my focus on increasing revenue, I haven’t been spending too much time making music. But after a long break from producing, I sat down on the weekend and played with some samples on the Akai MPC1000 here in the studio… Check it out!

Have you heard of the 100CLUB?

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Have you ever heard of the 100Club? It truly is a revolutionary way of creating financial freedom, and we just designed a new brochure exclusively for the group’s members!

Imagine being able to help others with wellness easily, while also creating an income out of it. Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you want to know more get in touch and we’ll introduce you to some people who have done just that!


New IDF greeting card!

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Hey everyone! Do you have friends or family serving in the Israeli Defense Force? Well if you do, you can send this physical greeting card with your own personal message directly from your computer to show your support! Visit to send yours today.


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